splendid origins 


Splendor Revival is inspired by a time when lounge wear wasn't an afterthought. We celebrate the glory days of vibrant caftans, patio gowns, hippie dippy tunics, hostess gowns, and bohemian maxi dresses.

At its core, Splendor Revival is about savoring ordinary moments while feeling magnificent. There are tiny bits of the spectacular all around if you just stop and find them. Those moments seem a bit easier to find when you look and feel like a queen.



Katya Philmore's caftan obsession started in her early 20's. The idea that she could be swathed from head to toe in an airy garment that could evolve through so many stages of life was completely enthralling. She discovered that Caftans (kaftans) were as glam as they were comfy.

As a lover of vintage, with a pension for nostalgia, she loves the cross-cultural history of the caftan, it's various incarnations both glamorous and practical, and how they mix wonderfully with today's world and everyday life. She began searching for them everywhere, and is now sharing her favorite finds and creations with you.









We believe that every woman has a regal goddess within. We believe in the power of garments that transform. We've learned grace and glamour aren't all that complicated and there's magic in small details. It's proven to be true - everything is better in a caftan. Including but not limited to: naps, movie marathons, wine, dance parties, vacations, chores, and other spontaneous adventures.

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We carry a lovingly curated assortment of vintage, handmade, and contemporary magical goods.  


Inspired by simple vintage patterns, shapes, and design, our handmade caftans are sewn with love in small batches using vintage patterns. These styles go quickly and fabrics are limited! Each caftan is sewn and handcrafted in our Columbus, Ohio studio. Your handmade purchases are one of a kind. We incorporate fabrics of all types, vintage when we can find it, so item prices may vary.



Our vintage caftan selection is carefully curated with you and your spectacular moments in mind. These pieces have had previous adventures, making signs of wear common. We do our best to make note of any flaws a garment might have. 

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In addition to our vintage and handmade pieces, we've thoughtfully selected an assortment of items discovered during our travels or from unique artisans, small businesses, and fellow makers.