About the Collection

Photography by Mara Gruber

This National Poetry Month we have combined forces with poet Amy Turn Sharp to create an exclusive capsule collection of wearable hand embroidered goods. With over 200 + hours of hand embroidery, this collection ensures each item is a unique, one of a kind piece of wearable art. Think of each stitch as a tiny love letter to you. Created with an abundance of love, each piece is embellished with original hand lettering and words by Amy Turn Sharp.


Katya Philmore

Katya Philmore is a lover of the arts who’s current mission is spreading love and good feels through magical goods. She is the owner, artist, and curator behind Splendor Revival. She loves experimenting with the medium of fabric, and utilizing various dyeing, printing, and embroidery techniques to create statement pieces that inspire.

For her, embroidery is a moving meditation that allows her to send love and positive intentions for the wearer with each stitch.

Amy Turn Sharp

Amy Turn Sharp has been writing her poems on bar napkins and post-its since college. Giving them away like sweets. Sometimes she creates poetry art with vintage books, screen-printing and found objects. She also uses an old typewriter to create on demand poems at events and pop up shows. She writes for herself and to leave something for the brokenhearted, the joyful, the weirdos of the future to find.

She's found that people like to see words come out of books, unfold from bar napkins and live on walls. They also like to wear words. Walk around with them. Show them off. People need reminders. That’s what these pieces are. Little reminders of life. The little truths that we all may or may not want. The words that turn us on, tune us in and connect us all a little bit. Poems, baby. Raise your hand if you want one.


Mara Gruber

Mara Gruber is a professional photographer who lives in Columbus with her husband, daughter and two Sphynx cats.

After years as a concert photographer, she set aside her earplugs to pursue wedding photography but found that chasing brides around fulltime wasn’t her cup of tea (now it’s her freelance gig).

These days, she spends most of her time as a Content & Creative Supervisor at a local e-commerce company where she coordinates, produces, and shoots photos and videos for the company’s website.

When she’s not working, arguing with a toddler (not recommended), or bingeing on crime shows and podcasts, she enjoys collaborating with other artists. She’s passionate about helping people see themselves in new, positive ways through photography.